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TITLE : Takashi Murakami The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg

Known for his collaborations with pop icon kanye west and fashion house louis vuitton and for vibrant anime inspired characters japanese artist takashi murakami b 1962 has blurred the boundaries throughout his career between high and low culture ancient and modern east and west the mca istakashi murakami the octopus eats its own leg jun 6sep 24 2017 something a different on my channel if youve been following me you know my family collectjapanese artist takashi murakamis retrospective exhibition the octopus eats its own leg makes its canadian debut on february 3 2018 find more informatiotakashi murakami the octopus eats its own leg takashi murakami | june 06 september 24 2017 perrotin new yorkthis summer the museum of contemporary art chicago presents the highly anticipated major retrospective takashi murakami the octopus eats its own leg showcasing more than three decades of murakamis paintings from his earliest mature worksmany of which are being shown in north america for the

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