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TITLE : The Presentation Of Self In Everyday Life

A notable contribution to our understanding of ourselves this book explores the realm of human behavior in social situations and the way that we appear to othersthe presentation of self in everyday life is a 1956 sociology book by erving goffman in which the author uses the imagery of the theatre in order to portray the importance of human social interaction this would become known as goffmans dramaturgical analysis approachthe presentation of self in everyday life is a book that was published in the us in 1959 written by sociologist erving goffman in it goffman uses the imagery of theater in order to portray the nuances and significance of face to face social interactionmasks are arrested expressions and admirable echoes of feeling at once faithful discreet and superlative living things in contact with the air must acquire a cuticle and it isenglisch deutsch bersetzungen fr the presentation of self in everyday life erving goffman im online wrterbuch dictcc deutschwrterbuch

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