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TITLE : Media Resistance Protest Dislike Abstention

Explores media resistance as an integrated part of culture rather than as incidents of moral or media panic draws on political and organizational sources personal testimonies fiction and non fiction bestsellers as well as dystopian films to show how the media are placed in a villainous and disruptive rolestanford libraries official online search tool for books media journals databases government documents and moredespite the interest in media scepticism and dislike there seems to be no book on the market discussing media resistance as a phenomenon in its own rightget this from a library media resistance protest dislike abstention trine syvertsen new media divide opinion many are fascinated while others are disgusted this book is about those who dislike protest and try to abstain from media both new and old it explains why media acknowledgements i am grateful to friends and colleagues who have inspired and challenged my ideas on media resistance i am particularly indebted to gunn enli

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